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About Trillium Dell

Our History

Trillium Dell began as Old Blue Construction in 1996. Founder Rick Collins became interested in timber framing after observing the processing and waste of local timber. After reflecting on its prior use, both in local agriculture and the economy, he conceived a way to recapture the loss. Driven by dedication and passion for the craft, Rick has transformed Trillium Dell into one of the largest full service timber frame shops in the Midwest.

Trillium Dell specializes in new timber framed buildings, historic restoration, fine carpentry (doors, windows, trim, furniture, etc), and architectural timber elements. Most of our frames are built with locally sourced timber, and designed with traditional methods specific to the area. Timbers are sawn, planed, and all joints hand cut and pre-fit in Trillium's shop, and then transported and errected on site. We often work as a general contractor- or consultant- for clients, integrating traditional and modern systems in an economical and efficient way.

We offer clients in-house design and engineering services for their custom timber frame projects– utilizing Dietrich’s, a specialized timber frame CAD software that provides the best and most complete frame renderings available. Our customer service is second to none, it’s our goal to provide you with the most complete and knowledgeable solution to your project needs.

In addition to crafting new timber frames, Trillium Dell performs historic renovation, restoration, and replication on many notable buildings including churches, barns, cabins, public buildings and commercial structures. The historic restoration side of Trillium Dell continues to flourish as both private and public clients seek to preserve or reuse timber frame structures, and require services for other aspects of historic carpentry including window and door restoration and architectural trim work.

The historic carpentry in these structures informs our strategy of building and restoration, as does our goal of sourcing local building materials whenever possible. Read more about Trillium Dell’s commitment to the green building movement here. Meet the Trillium Dell team here.

What is a trillium, anyway?

A forest flower that blooms every spring, trillium is a genus of about 40-50 species of perennial flowering plants native to North America. Our local bloom is of the dark red variety. Sometimes called "Wake Robin" because they appear about the same time as Robins return from their winter migration, trillium have three petals, sepals and green leaves.

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