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Assessment & Appraisal

Following guidelines outlined by the National trust for Historic Preservation Trillium Dell offers assessment and appraisal services for your historic structure. Our years of experience working with non-profits, private clients, religious groups and historical societies gives Trillium Dell a unique and knowledgeable perspective on the restoration of historic properties and structures. With affiliations across the nation and the Midwest we have built a network that is at your disposal when hiring Trillium Dell for your project. Getting us involved in your project early on will save you headaches later and expense while ensuring a historically correct set of solutions.

By in large our assessment and appraisal work involves timber frame and log buildings of every description. This often includes barns, timber truss systems in buildings and wooden covered bridges, church steeples, public buildings such as court houses and other government buildings and homes. Trillium Dell has completed more successful authentic timber frame restorations on barns and other timber frame structures than any company in the Midwest.

Typically we prepare a scope of work, supporting project documents, well researched historical documents, site and group meetings, and a presentation of our findings along with potential scenarios for restoration. Often we meet with our clients and owners many times in order to ensure that the right information is made available to everyone involved including architects and associated trades.

Assessment appraisal can be as simple as a site visit with a verbal report of our findings accompanied by an estimate for repairs or as involved as a complete method statement, drawings, and risk assessment. Initially we use readily available information, photographs, and a site meeting to determine what the next step should be. Fees normally accompany this phase, but are nominal in cost. The next step may be to complete schematic and architectural drawings outlining the current status of the building or properties along with proposed restorations. From these documents method and scope along with bid paperwork can be built.

If you feel that you have a building that is ready for restoration contact our office for information regarding this important first step. We work across the Midwest and the nation restoring heavy timber structures and historic properties and are able to provide you with the information you need to get started.

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