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Timber Frame Barn to Home Conversions

Are you considering converting your timber frame barn or other timber frame structure into a home or other form of adaptive re-use such as a retail property or interpretive center?

Trillium Dell is the right team to work with on your project. Trillium Dell has converted more timber frame barns and other structures than any other company in the Midwest or Illinois. Our assembled years of experience dealing with all aspects of barn home conversions is greater than any other timber frame company in the Midwest and will be a huge asset to your project. We offer in house engineering (stamped drawings), architectural and building drawings, project management and general contracting services. Our commitment to the timeless quality of timber frame buildings thru barn home conversions is evident in every project we have worked on.

Many of the early timber frame barns in the Midwest were built using hewn timbers, hewn braces, flitched live floor joists and pole rafters. All of these timber frame barns are constructed using a wonderful variety of hardwoods including: Ash, elm, sycamore, white and red oak, walnut, cherry, basswood, tulip tree, cottonwood, hackberry, white pine, red cedar, beech, and hickory.

We can assist you throughout the process from the initial excavation to the final details. Since the late 90’s we have been converting timber frame barns and other timber frame structures into homes. Our projects range from both coasts, the Rockies, and everywhere in between, with many projects in Illinois and the surrounding states. We have many timber frame barns available on our barns for sale page, as well as some that we keep in our files at the office. It is our philosophy to use as much of the original fabric of these timber frame structures, including siding and flooring and hardware. We regularly make initial barn visits (for a nominal fee) and appraise the project you are considering. Over the years Trillium Dell has assessed thousands of timber frame barns and other structures throughout the Midwest and Illinois.

A barn home conversion does not limit your home to looking like a barn on the outside, once the frame is dismantled, restored and re-erected consider it a blank canvas. The sky is the limit with possibilities. Many of our timber frame barn conversions are re-erected by our crew, and insulated using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS). SIPS come with a layer of OSB on both sides, window and door openings pre-cut, and tongue and groove pre-installed to the ceiling panels. Since SIPS come in sizes as large as 8 x 24, Trillium Dell can enclose your frame faster and more efficiently than any local conventional carpentry crew. Enclosing your barn frame quickly is key to ensuring that the patina of the timbers you saw in the original building remains the same in the finished project. Our intrinsic understanding and extensive training of timber frame and SIP integration can ensure a seamless marriage between the conventional construction methods in use today and older timber frame buildings and barns. 

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