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Building Relocation

Will County Historical Society
Phase I Relocation of Pioneer Settlement

Lockport, Illinois

Charged with needing to move a twelve building historic campus in downtown Lockport to a new campus, the Will County Historical Society (“WCHS”) approached TDTW for budgetary information and planning recommendations.

TDTW executed Phase I of the project in the summer of 2008 with just two weeks lead time and just three weeks to complete the project in order to meet the project timeline of the WCHS. This project involved moving an 1870s Railway Depot, an 1856 Schoolhouse, an 1863 Farmhouse, an 1881 Jail, and an 1890s Stone Smokehouse, on dollies to a temporary site.

In addition, TDTW dismantled an 1830s white oak log cabin for future restoration and re-erection. It also salvaged numerous historic implements and artifacts, as well as historic materials previously used to build six additional non-authentic structures.

This historical salvage material will be re-integrated into future reconstructions of a Blacksmith Shop, Settlement House, and other historic building replicas. TDTW is currently advising the WCHS as it prepares to move to its new campus to nearby Homer Glen.  

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