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Church Steeples & Church Restoration

Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church - Sheffield, Illinois

Sheffield IL Church Steeple Restoration

Trillium Dell restored the bell tower and steeple on this 1880's church. This historic structure was the first Danish Lutheran Church in America. 

United Church of Christ - Sheffield, Illinois

TDTW restored damaged louvers and columns, as well as the interior framing of the belfry at the United Church of Christ.

St. Valentine's Steeple Restoration - Peru, Illinois

Peru IL St. Valentine's Church Steeple Restoration

TDTW replaced damaged members of the steeple which was in structural failure after suffering water damage. Replacement parts were made of southern yellow pine. Like much steeple work, proper scaffolding and access of materials plays a critical role in job efficiency. Scaffolding is typically used for all participating trades to avoid cost redundancy.

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