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Commercial & Public Timber Frames

Trillium Dell Timberworks is uniquely qualified for Commercial and Public timber frame structures in the Midwest and Illinois. Trillium Dell is an active participant in the Timber Framers Guild Federally approved Journey worker and Apprentice Program. Our staff of carpenters are either Journey Workers or Apprentices, and are registered with the Federal Department of Labor.

Prevailing wage work, or grant projects funded by tax dollars involving heavy timber work which require enrollment in Federal training programs are our specialty. Trillium Dell has the most qualified and experienced team of installers and carpenters in the Midwest. Coupled with our project management team in the office and in house design and engineering will ensure that your public or commercial timber frame project will be safely (complying with OSHA standards) completed on time and within budget. Information regarding this program, and registration numbers can be obtained from our office at 309-289-7921.

Over the years Trillium Dell has fabricated and installed timber frame observation towers, shelters, banquet halls, public meeting spaces, churches, commercial pavilions and sales areas, museum structures, replicated historic timber frames, and educational and interpretive centers. Our project management staff understands your needs and how to work with your budget and architectural drawings; we will assist you in ensuring a successful project. Another unique feature of Trillium Dell is our willingness to work with your site needs. Over the years we have been asked to execute hand raisings involving large numbers of participants, crane raisings with volunteers. Timber Frame raisings are exciting and complicated, our specially trained staff can work with and your crew of carpenters or crew of volunteers to install your frame.

Most of our commercial and public work is unique and often complex, involving multiple trades, long distances, materials which are difficult to source, logistics, difficult engineering, and a tight timeline. You can expect to receive timely shop drawings, stamped final drawings, a knowledgeable and courteous staff, prompt response and an exceptional product. In some cases we will provide a frame or structure for your site carpenters to install, in these cases you can expect to receive a set of drawings with the installation sequence in addition to the shop drawings.

Multiple species are available for these types of structures, though typically we use white oak, southern yellow pine or Douglas fir. Douglas Fir and Southern yellow pine are relatively equal regarding their engineering value, white oak runs a close third, though generally with longer spans we incorporate a softwood in as a lower chord member in larger trusses. Here at Trillium Dell we operate our own machine shop and offer a multitude of engineered hardware and brackets for your project. We offer hardware and brackets in stainless steel, hot dipped galvanized steel, and painted steel. We do utilize quite a bit of technology from Europe, such as various types of hangers, flitch plates, and threaded tensioning systems, and we will help you and your engineer or architect when it comes to using products such as these.

Any form of timber is available for our projects as well, round logs, hewn logs or timbers, cruck frames, curved timbers, halved and quartered timber for wrapping steel columns and beams, and sawn timber with a variety of timber frame finishes. Grade of log is usually select structural and dry, grade stamping is provided on request and available in the form of a certificate and physical stamps on individual timbers.  

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