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Custom Built & Reclaimed Doors

Salvaging windows, doors and other architectural piecework was initially a hobby for us. That hobby has become some of the most interesting parts of our homes. Not all of our clients use salvaged materials for key places in their homes, but some do. Doors are especially the most common, as are old window sash, especially stained glass. Salvaged plumbing fixtures, hardware, trim and other details form old buildings is also common.

We inventory a large array of reclaimed doors and hardware as well as historic window sash. Some of these pieces need work or restoration prior to use, but the staff at Trillium Dell is experienced in repairing them quickly and skillfully. We also inventory a large selection of hand forged hardware, and stamped period hardware for windows doors and other applications such as cabinets and furniture. Check out our new line of custom built front entry doors for residential applications; we are building these heavy wood doors mostly from walnut and white oak. These doors are designed to be tight, have little shrinkage, and be very secure. Our new doors are designed to have a working life span of centuries, just like our timber frame homes.

Typically salvaged doors need very little work, though probably 80% of our salvaged doors are manually scraped back to either the faux grain painting or raw wood. Finishes generally are a hand rubbed oil finish, though in exterior applications we often use wax incorporated into our finishes, and in almost all cases we use a product manufactured by LandArk. LandArk is available from Trillium Dell at a reduced cost for any of your woodworking projects as we buy it in 55 gallon drums from the manufacturer. Original hardware is usually still on the salvaged doors though our talented metal fabricators can repair or replace any piece of missing hardware or casting. Casting molds are built here at Trillium Dell out of wood then sent over to a local foundry for casting. Broken pieces of ornate trim are made in our woodworking shop, and structural damage is repaired using structural epoxy such as Flextech HV. In general we look for doors that are fully mortise and tenon, with thru tenons at all locations. Therefore most of our reclaimed doors are at least 100 years old (some 110-200 years old), with a potential service life of 500 years. It’s our hope that the work we do bringing a little life back into old doors will allow them to be used for another 400 years.

New doors, especially massive front entry doors are available from trillium Dell. We have built and installed doors as large as 16’ tall and 16’ wide, made for everyday use. Our new doors range from the many barn doors we have built, residential doors, to commercial replicas. Our barn doors are usually multiple layers of boards (plank doors) with hand forged hardware, or period stamped hardware. We inventory a large array of historic hardware, as well as operate a forge for hand forged hardware and a machine shop for fabricating broken pieces. Typically our threshing bay doors sit on massive pintle hinges with hand forged straps, and side doors are mounted with smaller versions of this hardware or stamped hinges. Our commercial doors are usually of a laminated construction, as are our residential doors. These doors are meant to have mortised hardware and hinges, be air tight, and not shrink with the seasons. Typically our residential front entry doors are made of walnut or white oak, while our commercial doors are made of sugar pine and yellow poplar; sometimes we build a thin veneer of a hardwood such as maple or oak into the exterior layer.

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