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Here at Trillium Dell we have been constructing furniture for as long as we have been building timber frames. Our furniture details often follow classic patterns like, shaker, mission and craftsman style.

As we have our own sawmill, planer/molder, solar kiln and dehumidification kiln the sky is really the limit as far as what we can construct for you and your home.

In the spirit of Chicago born native Frank Lloyd Wright our handmade furniture pieces are often in harmony with the homes and buildings we create, and often from the same trees.

We will design and build custom furniture to your exacting specifications, and specialize in the use of unusual, reclaimed, and native materials.

Our furniture is handmade by talented carpenters and joiners with decades of experience and knowledge.

Every piece is exquisitely crafted, functional, and completely unique. You can be assured that purchasing a piece of furniture from Trillium Dell will ensure generations of use as a heirloom piece and that it will fit your home and lifestyle.

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