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Cutting a 375 Year Old Bur Oak for Table Tops

Cutting Knee Braces for a Timber Frame

Using a 4-sided Planer

Sawing Timbers for a Timber Frame Home

Custom Lumber & Milling

Trillium Dell Timberworks offers a full line of hardwood and softwood, lumber, timbers, and cants. We specialize in local hardwoods and non-local species such as pine, fir and others. With our highly efficient LT50 Woodmizer band saw mill, multiple kilns (a solar kiln and a dehumidification kiln), state of the art Weinig four sided planer, a molding shop, and furniture and cabinet shop, no woodworking task is beyond the reach of our staff and facilities. Many of our clients have timber they would like to integrate into their frame from their own property. An advantage of our operation to our clients is our ability to use the entire tree, including divergent stems, crotch pieces, or curved logs. Side lumber from our client’s logs is usually turned into custom produced, cabinets, flooring, and trim.

With our Woodmizer sawmill and our Alaskan chainsaw mill powered by a beefy Stihl 09G, we can saw unique logs for English style cruck frames, split logs up to 6 feet in diameter, produce octagonal or multi-faceted timbers for structures, and saw out unique shapes for ships braces or live edge table tops. Coupled with our Weinig and it’s incredible flexibility we are often able to dimension these pieces as well.

Since the mid 1990’s Trillium Dell has been handcrafting custom furniture, using both green and kiln dried woods, as well as recycled material. We have also been manufacturing custom flooring, cabinets, trim and other elements. Many of our pieces have been designed in house, others have been replicated, and some are new creations based on our clients or architects sketches and drawings. Over the years we have expanded our milling operation to include custom sawn wood shingles, which we generally use quarter sawn white oak for. Along with shingles we also produced custom sawn wood clapboard (lap) siding, this is generally made from cypress although white oak and walnut are also used.

Our material for these projects is often a by-product of our timber framing operation; therefore we are able to be competitive with our pricing while performing simply stunning work. We inventory many species and sizes of cants and logs, and often have green and kiln dried stock available for a variety of uses, and as lumber for sale either planed or rough sawn. Trillium Dell Timberworks has one of the largest molder/planers in the United States, a Weinig Profimat 4. With the Weinig molding operations of large size are simple and avoid the need for stacking profiles. The Weinig runs at speeds of up to 100 linear feet per minute, enabling very cost effective operations on large jobs. We offer custom planning of timbers on our Weinig if you already have the timbers, machine capacity is 10 x 18, accuracy is within 1/32” of an inch. Our extensive network of timber suppliers also ensures that our clients receive timely turnarounds on products we may not have in stock. 

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