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Trillium Dell Timberworks offers custom mantels for your home, elaborate, ornate, or simple, a well-built mantel can bring tremendous appeal to any living space. Trillium Dell Timberworks uses the most appropriate wood to craft stunning fireplace surrounds and mantles that are true works of art.

Imagine being able to run your hand along a mantel that was hewn or sawn from a tree that grew in the primeval Midwestern forests during the French Exploration. Now imagine that same timber lovingly worked by master craftsmen into a mantle, into that one element that brings the whole room together.

We use our sources in local timber industry to provide dozens of varieties of wood species for your particular project. Whether you are looking for the straight grain and clarity of solid oak, or the dark hues of walnut, we select the material to match your specific request. We can also finish your custom mantle piece to your specifications. Some of our customers choose a rough finish, complete with original tool marks, and full of rustic character. Others go for an elegant, smooth, highly-polished look that reflects a more refined, sophisticated look. Contact us today about the custom mantle that you have always dreamed of.

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