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Hand in hand with our custom timber frame homes we have been producing custom cabinets at Trillium Dell since the mid 1990’s. Much of our cabinet work in the past has revolved around the desire our clients have for either local materials or the implementation of designs unavailable form a large factory shop. All of our cabinets produced at Trillium Dell are hand built with furniture level details, usually from multiple species of local materials. Our Wood-Mizer sawmill, kilns, planning operation and molding equipment give Trillium Dell an unusual amount of versatility that other shops simply do not have. We saw around 100,000 BF per year on our LT-50 Woodmizer sawmill, about 20% of which becomes side lumber for various projects here. Total species variation sawn here is around 30 different types of hardwood and softwood trees. Many of our logs come from the urban environment, cleared fence rows, yards, pastures, reclaimed timbers and of course from wood lots and forests. We take pride in all of our work and strive to provide the best in kitchen design along with our complete line of custom cabinets and countertops.

Working with two local sub-contractors, Moreno Tile and Stone, and Wilderness Woodworks has expanded our own line of products to include other styles of custom cabinets and granite counters. Trillium Dell offers a full service kitchen and bath option for all of our homes and remodeling projects that includes cabinets, tile work, counters, fixtures, hardware, and plumbing. Our custom cabinets come with a lifetime warranty for repair and service on the wooden cabinetry. As all of our work is custom and every project unique and different we offer free in-house design and consultation services to help get you started. We also offer free tours of the many timber frame homes we have built around Illinois and the Midwest. You can be assured of a complete and comprehensive cabinetry package that works for your timber frame project when working with Trillium Dell.

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