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Timber Frame Design

The Design & Building Process

You’ve been visualizing, designing, planning your dream home for some time, now what? Contact us if you haven’t already, we’ll talk with you about your ideas, budget, and timeline.

Decision making is huge – what species, truss design, floor plan, etc. do you envision, and how does it all integrate with the rest of your home and building site. It’s a monumental task, but we have systems in place that split the process into manageable steps.

When you’re ready to begin working with our professional design staff we’ll initiate a Design Agreement that results in completed drawings for your project. After the drawings are finalized it’s time to begin cutting your frame, pre-fitting it at our shop, and shipping it to your site. Our experienced crew can swiftly and professionally install your frame, as well as Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) if you’ve decided to use them.

Already have an architect or builder? Trillium Dell will work with your home’s team of professionals to seamlessly integrate the timber frame with the rest of your home. We expect to be in contact with you and your home building team throughout the entire process, discussing, anticipating, and working with you to ensure your timber frame is finished on time and within your budget.

A timber frame home as drawn on our CAD software, pictured below:

Streator, Illinois Timber Frame Home Design

Site - Structure - Systems

Your home design is heavily influenced by your ideas concerning three elements: site, structure, and systems. If your building site is identified, you can visualize what sort of environment your house will be surrounded by, as well as how you would like your home to meld with your exterior environment.

As you think about the structure of your home design, it may be helpful to keep the following ideas in mind. Imagine your entire home, not just the timber frame. How do you envision the timber frame integrating with your home? For example, will the timber frame be evident in all rooms or highlighted in the kitchen, entry, and great room?

The systems of your home bring everything together – from your heating and cooling systems to finishes and furnishings. Your input into your home design insures that the final product is a reflection of what’s important to you and your lifestyle. To discuss the design of your timber frame home or structure, please call Brandee Stowe today at 309-289-7921 or email her at

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