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Custom Timber Frame Homes

Custom Timber Frame HomeTrillium Dell Timberworks is a custom, hand cutting timber frame shop. What this means for you our client, is a home that is well crafted and tailored exactly to your specifications. Every project at Trillium Dell is different and unique, no two homes produced by us have ever been alike! For our clients this provides a vast array of thousands of previous projects to review. This review often aids people in determining the perfect frame for their project. We welcome clients into our shop where they can see their frame being cut, and even ask for additional our unique elements to be added as we are working on their frame.

Often we are asked to create a frame from an existing drawing, from pictures of other buildings and elements, even a napkin sketch! This is all possible at Trillium Dell, our talented and experienced design team will sit down with you for an initial consultation, from which we will generate a preliminary 3-dimensional (isometric) view of your potential project. Using this 3-D view, we can shortly generate preliminary cost estimates, artistic details and integrated floor plans. Our goal is to provide our clients the best service, which means providing them what they want, on time and on budget.

Custom timber frame homes come in all shapes and sizes, nothing is too small or too large. We have often been asked to create small cottages or outdoor living spaces as small as 10 x 12, and large timber frame residences upwards of 12,000 SF. Generally our custom timber frame homes range between 1200 SF and 3500 SF. Custom residences also often include accents such as compound roof systems, ornate hip roofed breakfast and eating nooks, timber staircases and dormers. Part of the joy of choosing a custom timber frame home from Trillium Dell is exploring all the many ways you can create a personal space and features all your own. 

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