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Timber Frames

US Virgin Islands Timber Frame HomeTimber framing in the US and the Midwest began at the time of settlement by Europeans. There is a strong tradition of timber frame buildings in our culture extending back 4 thousand years to pre-roman Europe. Most buildings meant to last have been built using joinery and heavy timber until only 100 yrs ago. Today this ancient craft has been revived and is practiced throughout the US again as it once was not so long ago.

It wasn’t until the mid-1990’s that the industry in the US began to really take off as more books and publications became available to the general public and tradesmen alike. The Timber Framer’s Guild, Timber Frame Business Council, and other organizations have sprung up as the craft has been revitalized. Trillium Dell is an active supporter of both organizations as well as a participating member of the federally approved apprentice and journeyman program administered by the Timber Framer’s Guild.

Today timber framing as a method is a vital and leading part of new construction. The marriage of ancient principles with modern tooling and fasteners has allowed new and breathtaking advances in the utilization of heavy timber as structural and decorative framing. Engineered timber and fasteners have allowed us to span further and do more with an economical approach to the quantity of timber utilized. Modern equipment has reduced the time spent cutting and raising a frame tenfold, the internet and other media have increased the level of communication as well as the transfer and printing of drawings, and finally the level of training required to be a timber framer has come back up to par with carpenters of past generations.

Here at Trillium Dell Timberworks we use both ancient principles and modern advances to bring our clients the best of both worlds. With a staff of full time carpenters that has been trained in timber framing, a design and engineering team that understands our industry and your project, and the right equipment to bring your project to life, you can be assured you will get the finest new timber frame available!

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