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Trillium Dell at Harvard University Graduate School of Design

February 22, 2018:   Owner, Rick Collins delivered an educational presentation to a class of Harvard University GSD students on the topic of Timber Framing.  



Timber Framers Guild Annual Conference

West - June 1, 2018

Mt. Hood, Oregon


East - October 19, 2018

Virginia Beach, Virgina


Trillium Dell Offers Free "Lunch and Learn" Classes

Trillium Dell offers courses designed for architects and engineers who are interested in learning more about incorporating engineered timber into the design and construction of public and private spaces. Registered Journeyworker Timberframer and owner of Trillium Dell, Rick Collins presents this one hour course at the location of your choice.  Participants may earn credit hours towards the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education System. A complimentary lunch is provided by Trillium Dell as part of the educational presentation.  To learn more and sign up for your "Lunch and Learn" email!


Seaton, IL Church Sill Restoration

Trillium Dell restored the sill and foundation of Pope Creek Cemetery Meeting House in Seaton, IL. This 1840's one room church served as the original First Presbyterian Church in Seaton. It is one of the few remaining one-room churches in Illinois. Trillium Dell lifted the church's frame off its foundation, replaced the rotten sill and then re-attached the new sill to the frame using the same methods/joinery the original builders did. We also replaced joist work using locally sourced timber, provided a new foundation, installed a limestone veneer that matched the original, and milled/installed new 5/4 white pine flooring to match the existing.

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