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Timber Frame Post & Beam Repairs

Damaged framing such as this is a frequent problem caused when large modern agricultural equipment is forced into spaces intended for smaller horse-driven wagons. Similar structural problems result from removal of tie beams, mow framing and other members to achieve larger openings (both in height and clearspan) to suit modern usage. This type of damage can be corrected by replacing existing members as is, or by re-engineering the framing to achieve desired openings.

Before: Broken tie beam, disconnected canted queen post and girt (strung by baling wire).

After: New southern yellow pine timbers are used to replace existing timbers. Reclaimed materials can also be used for replacement components.

Before: Girts in this picture rotted where two courses of siding were inappropriately butt-jointed, allowing water to penetration.


In Situ basement framing restoration: Much of the framing of this basement had been eliminated, and the framing that remained had failed. We lifted and cribbed the entire barn enough to remove the failed basement beams and posts, and install new ones to restore original support structure.

Before: The poorly executed, non-original support system had failed, leaving the mow floor in danger of collapse.

Multiple cribbing towers support the barn while posts, girts and sommer beams are replaced.

Three- and four-way gunstock posts were installed over new brick piers to provide bearning for un-housed girt-to-sommer beam connections.


Post Repair In-Situ

This corner post awaits installation after removal of the existing termite-damaged post and field-mortising of the new post.

Post loaded onto the forks of a skidsteer to be jockeyed into place.

Corner post being pulled into place with a Lug-All and staps.

Replacement corner post with scarf-joined tie beam, knee braces, nailers and rafter plate reconnected.

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