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Public Buildings

Old Iowa State Capitol Dome Restoration - Iowa City, Iowa

Old Iowa State Capitol Dome After Renovation

TDTW designed, cut and installed a 20 foot wide by 20 foot long by 16 foot tall bell tower and a 16 foot tall octagonal cupola to support the dome on the Old Capitol Building. We utilized select structural white oak timbers for this project. These two structures were built with heavy timbers and hidden steel knife plates. The bell tower was lifted to a height of 80 feet and the cupola rested atop the bell tower. This project required extensive use of tension rods and metal connectors. 

I.O.O.F Building - Toulon, Illinois

Toulon, Illinois Public Building Restoration

TDTW repaired three (3) failed forty-two (42) foot clear span heavy timber trusses as part of a restoration of an 1890’s downtown brick building. The trusses had extensive fire and water damage. Seventy-five percent of the wood in the trusses had to be replaced. Many of the original mechanical fasteners had failed and were replaced with new fasteners. This project also entailed installation of heavy timber and I-beam supports throughout the building to ensure proper structural integrity. Built 1 staircase.

Illinois Quaker Yearly Meeting House - McNabb, Illinois

Exposing the Quaker Meeting House Damage

The Illinois Yearly Meeting House, located just outside of McNabb, Illinois, is a 40’x 80’ heavy-timber Meetinghouse built in 1875. It had suffered extensive termite damage to the floor and wall systems, placing eccentric loads upon the roof trusses. We first stabilized the roof trusses with custom-fabricated bottom cord brackets, turnbuckles and aircraft cable. We then lifted the structure, which had sunk up to 6”, and restored the limestone foundation wall beneath.

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