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Timber Frame Dismantle & Re-Erection

Trillium Dell has been dismantling and re-erecting timber frames and barns since 1998. No other company in the Midwest has dismantled and restored as many timber frames and barns as the carpenters of Trillium Dell. Our level of experience and professionalism will ensure a successful and efficient frame dismantle. The care we take at the beginning of the project saves time and money later on unwanted repairs Types of timber frames and barns have included projects like the Wilcox frame moved from Detroit to northern California, or the Midway Village threshing barn which was dismantled and moved only 4 miles in Rockford, Illinois. Our specialty is timber frame barn dismantle, though we have moved structures built using other methods such as the former University of Illinois Beef Barn, constructed in 1915.

Quite often our crew will dismantle a barn or house frame and then bring it back to the shop for repair and refurbishing. Even though this may involve trucking costs the specialized timber framing equipment in our shop far offsets the cost of attempting to do such work on site. Prior to dismantling a timber frame barn or other type of timber frame we label the frame and create drawings of the structure so that they may be used in our timber framing specific software, Dietrich’s. Once the frame is drawn engineering changes may be made or architectural renderings created.

For jobs within a 500 mile radius of our shop Trillium Dell will bring its own equipment which includes: manlifts, telehandlers, and skidsteers. Having our own specialized equipment is much more economical than renting, and for that equipment we have built unique attachments that enable us to dismantle and load a barn or house frame faster than any other company in the Midwest. A large part of a successful dismantle is having the right equipment, the other major component is having the knowledge of how these structures were built. This essential knowledge can only be obtained by possessing the understanding of how new timber frame buildings are built and erected.

The dismantle of an average size structure such as a barn, schoolhouse, or house will take about 3 days on site to dismantle and generally about two weeks in the shop to restore, and 4 days to re-erect. It is important prior to our arrival to have the building cleaned out and the siding stripped off, the roof may remain. In many cases we are contracted to perform the entire dismantle, including cleaning the site and filling in the foundation.

Once the barn or house frame is labeled our crew straps the structure together using our dismantling rigging and the pegs are removed and saved. In almost all cases except remote or inaccessible sites we lower the building using a 35 ton crane, at which point the timber frame pieces are organized and banded for shipping. Once the timber frame has been restored at our shop, re-erection is the reverse of the dismantle. Specialized fasteners may be installed, and any additional engineering requirements are taken care of. Following re-erection Trillium Dell will often enclose the frame using structural insulated panels (SIPS) or other built up systems.  

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