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Timber Frame Galleries

View hundreds of timber frame projects Trillium Dell has created around the Midwest, the US, and the Caribbean. These projects include: simple outdoor structures, timber frame restorations, barn - home conversions, historic buildings, custom timber frame homes and commercial building restorations.

Every project displayed is a custom timber frame designed by Trillium Dell or one of our clients. All of these timber frames have been hand cut in our shop in Knoxville, IL, or restored on site. More information is available for all of these projects by calling our office at 309-289-7921 or you can reach us at

Many of these structures are available to tour upon appointment, and in the case of most of the public buildings, they are open to the public during specific hours. Enjoy your journey through our timber frame portfolio!

View Our Barn Project Gallery

View Our Commercial Project Gallery

View Our Log Cabin Restorations

View Residential Structures

View Special Projects

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