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Home Additions

Adding on to your home can be a daunting task. Trillium Dell has been performing homing additions since our company was founded in 1995. We understand the frustrations of having a construction project going on literally in your living room! We offer general contracting and project management services within a 150 mile radius of our offices to assist you in your project. If you are outside of this radius we will provide installation services for your timber frame on site as well as impeccable integration drawings.

Home additions are varied and can include the dismantle and rebuilding of portions of an existing house, the removal of various levels, raising a house, increasing the number of floors, or simply adding on a new living room or eating area. These projects are often complex and involve the interaction of many trades. With our established network of sub-contractor’s you can be assured of the very best service.

Our most common request for an addition is for a great room, these spaces often create a new gathering area and center for the house. These are exciting projects as our clients have spent many years in some cases saving up for and planning this type of expansion. Our design team can help you envision this project before we ever put a shovel in the ground. Utilizing our specialized software, Dietrich’s, we can draw your existing house and then draw in various configurations for your addition, all in in 3-D.

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