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Restoration Products & Services

We offer a complete package of restoration services at Trillium Dell as well as partial services and piecework for your project. From early in the planning process to the final details we can assist you with every need. Our project management team can general contract large commercial building restorations and our staff of skilled carpenters and joiners can repair or replicate any portion of a building, or the entire building itself. If engineering and design is part of the project we offer in house engineering services, shop drawings, total plan drawings and architectural services. Trillium Dell is the most qualified restoration company in the Midwest and can meet your every need from basic historic window and door restoration, museum interpretive work, trim and molding details, to massive full scale replications like our work on Ft. Massac, Willoughby Farm Barns, and the old Iowa Capitol building.

Many restoration projects take years to complete and in some cases years just to get off the ground, the staff at Trillium Dell understands this. We will be with you every step of the way, from initial studies and project presentations to healing the site once the work is complete. We offer a complete initial study package including assessment, documentation, scope writing, and project phasing. No other company in the Midwest has as much experience and as qualified a crew of carpenters as Trillium Dell when it comes to the restoration of heavy timber structures and log cabin buildings. Our years of experience and training in this field have developed into a whole building and systems approach to our work that is efficient and cost effective. Our restoration projects are on par with and exceed the expectations of even the most stringent restoration and conservation guidelines. Stamped engineered plans are available in all 50 states.

Along with construction management, project management, and carpentry services for restoration Trillium Dell offers a full line of restoration materials such as: structural and non-structural epoxy’s, specialized hardware and fasteners, sealers and oils for timber and trim, chinking materials, wood products such as casings, moldings, and full dimension logs and timber, salvaged architectural items such as trim, windows and doors, iron work and more.

We also offer tuck pointing and masonry repair services on all of our projects as well as foundation and roof work. Our specialty is in historically accurate mortars and cements for historic buildings. We chemically test the brick and stone, as well as the original mortars to determine the correct consistency of the replacement and repair material. We have an extensive network of local quarry’s and salvage brickyards which ensures that your repair will be as close as is possible to the original material.

Many of our restoration projects involve moving buildings and relocating them. No other company in the Midwest is as versed in the re-location and repair of timber frame and log structures as Trillium Dell. We are uniquely qualified to bring the best of state of the art moving techniques with a highly trained repair team. We have moved, restored, and successfully re-built buildings from one corner of the United States to the other. This is a surprisingly economical process and one which we have extensive knowledge and experience in. From initial assessment and appraisal to feasibility studies, historic conservation, restoration, and preservation and even the most complex building relocation Trillium Dell can tackle your project. 

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