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Timber Frame Trusses

Hammer Beam Truss Frames

Hammer beam truss frames are very similar to queen post truss frames, but two seperate ties, called hammer beams, break the queen posts. Hammer beams exert great lateral pressure onto the eave posts, which must be taken into account in the design of the frame.

Queen Post Truss Frames

Queen post truss frames are similar to queen post bent frames, but with the addition of a tie that breaks the queen posts and transfers the loads to the eave posts. Like the king post truss frame, this allows for a clear span and there are no internal posts that will affect the floor plan.

King Post Truss Frames

A king post truss frame is similar to the king post bent, but with the addition of a tie that breaks the king post. The use of the tie transfers the loads to the eave posts and allows for a clear span by eliminating the king posts that would otherwise affect the floor plan.

Scissor Truss Frames

A type of common purlin frame that uses diagonal, crossing ties that span from eave posts to the opposite rafters. The struts of the truss provide a number of advantages: they transfer loads more efficiently to the eave posts, reduce the thrust at the eave wall, and allow for a greater span than rafters alone. 

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