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Trillium Dell in the Community

Community Work, Training & Outreach

Here at Trillium Dell, we believe in the power of community work and community built structures. Since 2001, we have hosted 16 community based events around the Midwest. These projects have generated over a $200,000 in savings for our clients, and created training programs for timber framing. In all cases, Trillium Dell has done this work for a non-profit in need of help, and often with the assistance of the Timber Framer’s Guild.

Our staff knows how to work with local community leaders and volunteers in order to make these events successful, educational, and fun. You can count on a project that is safe and follows OSHA guidelines, and workshops that are taught by some of the most experienced timber frame carpenters in the country Our project management team will help you through the hurdles of pulling off a project of large magnitude, or even something as small as simple heavy timber repair job or shelter building.

These projects often start with an initial inquiry, and move along as others timber frame projects do through a design phase, project costing development and ultimately execution. In many cases we have spent years developing these projects with our clients.

With the formal acceptance of the Journey Worker program by the Federal Department of Labor in 2010, and the creation of this program within the Timber Framer’s Guild, Trillium Dell is now offering coursework in some of the main curriculum areas. We offer training in almost all levels of the curriculum but specialize in section 16, Conservation of Historic Buildings. As one of the most qualified companies in the country for barn restoration and historic timber frame and log restoration you will get the most comprehensive training available in the this section. Trillium Dell has been involved in the conservation and restoration of thousands of timber and historic buildings throughout the Midwest. Our full service and complete restoration shop buildings and resources provide top notch training in the best techniques, and project management.

Along with timber frame building and restoration projects Trillium Dell offers workshops and training seminars in log chinking (for restored log buildings), clay plaster application (American Clay), timber framing layout and cutting, timber frame raisings (hand and crane raisings), timber frame design (with Dietrich’s software), and forklift, scaffolding, and man lift certification.

If you have an old or historic timber frame you would like restored for your non-profit, or if you have a design in mind for a new timber frame building, give us a call. We would love to help you out with it. 

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