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Historic Building Moving

Whole Structure Moves

Trillium Dell is uniquely qualified to do whole structure moves of any kind. As carpenters who have the tools and knowledge to move entire buildings, we can see and understand the structures we are moving in a way a simple moving company cannot. Due to their lack of timber frame construction knowledge some moving companies may sacrifice the integrity of the structure or create a situation where costly repairs are needed once the building arrives at its new location. With a staff that includes timber frame carpenters, timber engineering, computer aided design, architectural drawing service and full time project management Trillium Dell can provide the best whole house or other structure moving services.

We frequently move timber frame houses, timber frame barns, timber frame schools, and other structures as well as stone buildings and stick built buildings. In the case of whole structure moves, it is possible to go great distances especially with timber frame buildings as we can segment them for transportation, however if the distance is very great we may want to consider a timber frame dismantle and re-erection. Whole structure moves can involve very small structures such as sheds or cabins to large structures like train depots and multi-story houses.

It’s important to us that as much of the original fabric of the building remain when moving the entire structure. In many cases we re-install original sill systems, rebuild heavy timber floors, and restore other architectural details after the move (such as siding and trim). With house moving companies that only move the structure you are left with a building that is need of repair, and in many cases when they do repair the building it’s poorly done work with sub-standard materials.

Trillium Dell will prepare your new site by coordinating the excavation and foundation work, prepare the sub-floor, move the building to the new site, anchor the building to the foundation, and install a SIP or built up enclosure system. Effectively Trillium Dell is a one stop shop for this part of the process; unlike any other company in the Midwest you will find your experience moving buildings with us dependable, courteous, and properly done.

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